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How I came up with the name "Bright Eyes; Eye Care"

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I believe you have to bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive/succeed in today's world, carry every piece of you through those experiences, and always put your best foot forward even if your shoe falls off " when you're feeling your worst, that's when you get to know yourself the best"- Leslie Grossman. All these elements helped me to start my own business. I started my business with the desire to make extra money while I work my regular job, The idea was to do a little Facebook business selling eyelashes as most small businesses usually start. After doing my research I decided to expand, making it official by registering, getting professional logo design, website, trademarking, etc. I came up with a list of names for each eyelash as Bright eyes were one of the few. I was still searching for a business name that would best fit my brand but every name I searched through the corporation and business entity database was not available.

I then decided to use Bright Eyes as it would illustrate my brand with a clear meaning of what the brand/products are about. Bright Eyes was partially available but needed to be more specific to differentiate its identity from other businesses that have Bright Eyes as a part of their business name. I came up with a three series name with Bright Eyes incorporated as I procrastinate on the what-if and should I do this or not, waited for a few days; I prayed to God about it ask him to remove the fear and doubt out of my heart/mind and guide me in making the right decision. on November 5th I finally decided it's-do or die at this moment and I submit the paperwork within less than 24 hours I got an email stating congratulation on registering your business the name we chose is Bright Eyes; Eye Care. I was thrilled and ecstatic with emotions I've never felt before. "In the middle of every difficulty lie opportunity"- Albert Einstein, don't let fear prevent you from following your dreams and greatest aspire.

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